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New Lens Leadership


Experience Strategy
User Journey
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What was the problem?

Newberry Solutions was in the process of testing their new product —a leadership app for executives-in-training aimed at Fortune 500 companies. During testing, Newberry kept running into the same problems: users were confused by the design, felt lost when in the experience, and the process of completing tasks felt clunky and awkward.

What did I do?

I redesigned the app from the ground up. First, I deconstructed the original user experience to understand where users were getting caught up. I then reorganized the flow to be more efficient and natural, added an onboarding process to explain the purpose and process of using the app, and created a centralized dashboard so the user always had a sense of home. I also developed and implemented a design system, tweaked the branding to make it feel more modern, and found ways to make the entire process ownable.

New Lens UI Collage

new corporate commitments from brands like PepsiCo and AT&T


decrease in churn


increase in stickiness


increase in the average session length


decrease in app abandonment

Experience Design

The first challenge was to tackle the flow. The biggest complaint from users was that completing tasks was confusing, difficult, and as one user put it: “makes no sense”. I conducted an audit of the user journey and found it lacked a natural human approach to getting stuff done. I simplified the process by eliminating 50% of the flow, adopting common patterns that users were used to, and providing a feedback loop from the system every time an action was completed.

New Lens UX Orignal Lesson Flow
New Lens UX Breaking it Down
New Lens UX Reimagined Lesson Flow

Users were confused when they first started out using the app because the entire product was built around patterns that users weren’t familiar with. I recommended a full onboarding experience that would educate users on the concepts of the app and help them make decisions to understand which concepts would have the most value to them.

Many of these users are instructed to use the app by the companies they work for. When they download it and use it for the first time, they don’t always know what it is or why they should care. The onboarding process took care of that by focusing on key features to create value for them.

New Lens Mobile Screen Login
New Lens Mobile Screen Onboarding
New Lens Mobile Screen Assessement Process
New Lens Mobile Screen Success Strategies
New Lens Mobile Screen Success Strategies
New Lens Mobile Screen Success Strategies
New Lens Mobile Screen Success Strategies

A large portion of initial user feedback indicated that users were having trouble understanding where they were in the experience. They often felt lost in long-winded funnels that never seemed to end. This was a huge problem because the intended emotion for users upon completion of a task was for them to feel inspired, empowered, and excited to continue using the app.

I proposed a centralized dashboard that clearly indicated what was next for a user to complete as well as where that task sat within the larger curriculum. I also introduced a few navigational changes to the experience to ensure users knew where they were at all times.

New Lens Desktop Dashboard
New Lens Tablet Dashboard
New Lens Mobile Dashboard
Lesson Flow

One of the main value propositions of the app is that not only is a user learning, but those learnings are put to use through a reflection process. This process allows a user to jot down key takeaways, note what they already do well, and most importantly, allows them to schedule events on their calendar for when they will work on practicing these takeaways. This system of reflection is New Lens’ competitive advantage, so the experience needed to be pain-free and empowering. Below is how the flow came to life.

New Lens UX Orignal Lesson Flow

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